Mock, console, and applaud your co-op pals with this guide.

How do you emote in Borderlands 3? If you’re playing Gearbox’s looter-shooter in co-op you’re going to want to express yourself to your friends. If your mate has just scored a cracking headshot, you’ll want to applaud.


One of your number might fall to an embarrassing, highly avoidable death, so you’ll be reaching for the applaud emote. Unless you’re playing solo with FL4K, but you can always emote to your pet buddies, if you’re that way inclined.

That said, it isn’t immediately obvious how to emote in Borderlands 3. So, to prevent you from just standing awkward and motionless when you really want to celebrate, commiserate, or mock your mates, we’re going to show you how it’s done.

How to emote in Borderlands 3

To emote you press the Z button. From here you can select the emote you desire. If you’re playing on console, you need to hold down the pause button on your pad. If you just press that button instead of holding it down, you’ll get the, well, pause menu. Also, if you’re feel like showing off your new legendary gun the hurty way, you can use emotes to initiate duels with other players.

You can only have four Borderlands 3 emotes equipped at one time, however. If you feel like mixing things up a bit, you can refresh them at a Quick-Change machine, just like the one you ran into straight away in the tutorial with Claptrap. The one you’ll come across most is on your Sanctuary base ship, opposite the lost loot machine.