Julio Cesar Goncalves Campos: founder of Tiki-Taka Soccer Club

Julio Cesar Goncalves Campos

Julio Cesar Goncalves Campos is currently in the United States as a foreigner with extraordinary abilities in Physical Education / Sports Science. He is the owner and founder of TIKI-TAKA SOCCER & P.E CONSULTANT CORP, a successful business company dedicated to building and managing soccer teams here in the United States, and I will continue this work while also seeking new opportunities in my field. His work will continue to benefit the United States as it is creating jobs, as well as a benefit for families and their communities.

Mr. Goncalves Campos has a doctorate. He has a Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sports and has the International Certificate of Senior Sports Technician with a specialization in Soccer (Soccer). This title is the equivalent of a Level 3 Soccer Coach under the guidelines established by the Royal Spanish Soccer Federation (UEFA Pro).


Julio Cesar Goncalves Campos has been an excellent and accomplished soccer coach and physical education instructor for over 20 years. His knowledge is unmatched, and his national and international reputation, his experience, and his distinguished career clearly establish his eligibility to be classified as a foreigner of extraordinary ability.

Mr. Goncalves Campos is highly respected not only by experts in the field, but also by the executives of the most prominent Football Associations and Federations.

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