Julio Cesar Goncalves Campos is an outstanding professional in his field

Julio Cesar Goncalves Campos has reached the highest level of expertise in his field, making one of the small percentage of individuals who has risen to the very top of his field. Mr. Goncalves continues to be a member of professional soccer associations such as:

  1. Federación de Fútbol de Madrid (Madrid Football Federation).
  2. Real Federación Española de Fútbol (Royal Spanish Football Federation).
  3. International Federation of Physical Education (FIEP) in Europe.
  4. International Coaches Association (ICA), Bronze Coaching License.
  5. NSCAA (National Soccer Coach Association of America.
  6. AMES (Worlds Association for Healthcare Excellence), and guidelines regarding requirements to become a member, and membership certification with it’s corresponding translation.
  7. FYSA (Florida Youth Soccer Association), and SFYUSA (South Florida Youth Soccer Association.


Coaches in Spain, as throughout most of the world, must be licensed in order to coach in official games; their level of licensure ranks them. Licenses are granted/managed by the Real Federación Española de Fútbol. Territories throughout Spain provide academic and practice training to aspiring coaches in order for them to receive licensing by Real Federación Española de Fútbol. In Madrid, the Federacion de Futbol de Madrid is responsible for providing the required courses necessary to become an official coach. In order to enroll in coaching schools for licensing, one must, at a minimum possess the regulatory ability to coach official teams – only those who have outstanding ability to serve as leaders, teachers, and representatives may qualify for a license. Only twenty (20) to twenty-five (25) coaches may register per year.


Licensing has three rankings, from Level 1 through 3. Once licensed, each coach is a member of their respective district’s Comite de Entrenadores (Coaches’ Committee), and must abide by the statutes and regulations.

  1. Level I coaches must complete 455 hours of lectures and practices as an assistant coach with a soccer team for no less than six (6) months. They are classified as «base level instructors». Level 1 coaches are limited to coaching lower level juvenile and female soccer teams.
  2. Level 2 coaches must complete and additional 565 hours of lectures and practice in order to be classified as «regional coaches» or division II coaches. Level 2 coaches are authorized to coach all federated teams and selected teams of territorial nature in Spain.
  3. Level 3 coaches are classified as “national coaches” who possess the title of national or superior level coach. Level 3 must complete an additional 875 hours. i.e. they must also complete the utmost highest level of licensing courses and exams. Level 3 coaches can coach professional federated team and/or selected teams. i.e., Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, AC Milan, LA Galaxy, River Plate, etc.

Real Federación Española de Fútbol is a member of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). UEFA has fifty-three (55) member associations whose coaches are authorized to transfer their license and work in the same level as a coach in any country whose teams are members of UEFA. UEFA is a continental confederation recognized by the world football governing body FIFA, which is based in Zurich, Switzerland. UEFA licensing also consists of three (3) levels-B, A, and PRO. In 2013 there were 24,814 licensed coaches from Spain. Only 2,353, nine percent (9%), of those coaches were classified as licensed UEFA PRO Coaches. Out of all the UEFA licensed Coaches in the world, only four percent (4%) have obtained the highest level of licensing, UEFA PRO.

Julio Cesar Goncalves Campos is a licensed Level 3 coach, and therefore, he is considered to be a top ranking coach in Spain, and in any country member of the UEFA. As a Level 3 coach, Mr. Goncalves is considered an elite coach. He can coach any country’s federated teams and selected teams. Mr. Goncalves has surpassed the minimum requirements for a Level 3 coach. He has obtained a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and PhD degree courses in addition to every course and training required to be the most elite coach in Spain. Moreover, Julio Cesar Goncalves Campos is considered a UEFA PRO coach for having obtained a Level 3 coaching license in Spain, a member association of UEFA. With a UEFA PRO license anyone who wishes to manage a soccer club in the top level of any country’s league may do so. Mr. Goncalves has reached the highest level of expertise that exists to become an official coach, he is one of the small percentage of coaches, nine percent (9%), who has risen to the very top of his field. Mr. Goncalves ranks among the top four percent (4%) of all UEFA licensed coaches.


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